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Effective June 1, 2021.

All capitalized words or expressions in the content of this Pricelist should be understood in accordance with their definitions contained in the Regulations of the Cloudmizer Website, available at this link: www.cloudmizer.com/terms-of-use, unless the provisions of this Pricelist provide otherwise.

Success share – the remuneration of Cloud Partners calculated as a percentage of the difference between the nominal value of the costs of cloud services before the implementation of the solutions proposed on the Website and the costs incurred after applying optimization and solutions via the Cloudmizer Website. Calculated each time on the basis of the import of cloud service bills, as a percentage of the difference in prices shown in the bill and the prices of the corresponding services after applying the optimization proposal on the Cloudmizer Website. Success Share is spread proportionally over the entire duration of the Agreement and included in the VAT invoice issued to the User by Cloud Partners.

  Package Price Success share
1. Cloudmizer Balance 99 USD 30%
2. Cloudmizer Complete 199 USD 30%
3. Cloudmizer Flexible 299 USD 35%